The Family at 1314 Mulberry Avenue

Edwin McColm and Laura Musser married in 1903. Laura’s father, Peter, made his fortune in the lumber industry. Peter had the home built for the newlywed couple. This video explores the stories of the family members who resided at 1314 Mulberry Avenue.

The Muscatine Art Center

Laura Musser McColm Atkins owned the home until her death in 1964. Her heirs donated the house to the City of Muscatine and established a trust to maintain the home as an art gallery and museum. Today, the Muscatine Art Center is known for its permanent collection, exhibitions, and programs. This video highlights the organization’s milestones as a municipal museum.

Behind-the-Scenes at the Muscatine Art Center

Like most museums, the Muscatine Art Center houses more collections than can be exhibited at any one time. This video takes you behind-the-scenes and spotlights some of the most notable works of art in the permanent collection.