Learn how to paint hard, soft, and lost edges, and learn how to "charge colors" using watercolors. Class fees are $15 or $13.50 for Friends Members. REGISTER BY JULY 12.

Register by calling 563-263-8282.

Red Barn Studio - Hummer in a Nest - July 14 Image

I have taught art at the Muscatine Art Center for about 15 years and thoroughly enjoy sharing my knowledge of DIY art projects with all age groups. As an art teacher at the Muscatine Art Center, I try to bring different techniques and mediums into my classes. Watercolor is my favorite, jewelry making, acrylic painting and paper crafts are among some of the subjects I share with my students.

I have studied art all through school; two years at the Art Institute in Minnesota; Muscatine Community College, and have had the privilege of being tutored by Iowa artists Ralph Iaccarino, Carol Steinmetz, and James Edward Brotherton. Currently, YouTube has been a terrific guide in my learning new painting techniques.

Art has been a part of my life since its beginning. Surrounded by colorful pieces of hand painted furniture, wall and floor coverings created by my mother Velma Fuller, I inherited her love of color, composition and freedom of expression.

My largest art piece can be found on the aquarium wall located at the Muscatine Discovery Center. Working with Artist James Brotherton, we created a beautiful pond scene surrounding the Center’s large Aquariums. I also painted a large pond scene on canvas for the Discovery Center’s pond sign, depicting a variety of animal, plant and insect life in the area. Small signs surrounding the pond hold depictions of this piece showing various species of plant and animal life in and surrounding the pond.

Working out of my home-based studio in West Liberty, Iowa, allows me the space and time to experiment with various mediums and ideas. I continually experiment with various techniques in order to reach my goal of creating visual enthusiasm in my works of art.