Iowa native Betty Brandt Passick has authored four books including two award-winning historical crime novels about northeast Iowa. Her first novel, Gangster in Our Midst, tells the factually-inspired story of Chicago mobster Louie La Cava’s arrival in the author’s hometown of Fairbank (called “Oxbow” in the book) in the early 1920s. When he bragged, "I am bookkeeper to Al Capone," he set the whole town on edge. For the next sixty years, the small community became a haven for La Cava.

During the sixty-minute talk, Passick takes attendees on a deep dive into the story of La Cava and his mafia family, along with other notorious gangsters operating in the Midwest during the 1920s-30s. Attendees are also invited to share their gangster stories.

Books will be available to purchase the night of the program for $20.

Author Talk: Betty Brandt Passick - April 18 Image